Paolo Monella, Contro l'esternalizzazione della pubblicazione e dell'insegnamento in ambito digitale

Since schools and universities in Italy still have an instrumental, rather than a transformative, vision of information technology, they are outsourcing, as mere 'services', two key functions: scholarly publication and digital teaching. Today, the digital transition provides research institutions and funding agencies with a chance to 'reinternalize' publication. This would enhance both Open Access as well as innovative and open forms of communication and exchange in the academia (Open Data/Science). During the Covid-19 pandemic, schools and universities have been using platforms for digital teaching belonging to the multinationals of digital mass profiling. Teaching and assessment techniques have hardly been renovated and adjusted to the new medium. As digital practices arisen during emergency distance learning become a permanent integration of blended education, schools and universities urgently need to tackle issues such as student and teacher personal data protection, constructivist digital learning methods and social inclusion policies.

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