, Distributed Text Services (DTS)

The Distributed Text Services (DTS) Specification defines an API for working with collections of text as machine-actionable data. It specifies 3 distinct operation endpoints: 1. The Collections Endpoint is used to navigate the text collection contents; 2. The Navigation Endpoint is used to navigate within a single text document; 3. The Documents Endpoint is used to retrieve complete or partial texts. The Collections and Navigation endpoints are specified to return LD+JSON adhering to the W3C Hydra standard. The Documents endpoint is specified to return TEI/XML of the requested text or fragment. Note that DTS is a specification for an API and not in and of itself an implementation of that API. Reference Implementations are available (see below) and individual text publishers are encouraged to implement this API in their own projects where appropriate. Source: https://distributed-text-services.github.io/specifications/

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