Monica Berti, Modelling Taxonomies of Text Reuse in the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus of Naucratis: Declarative Digital Scholarship

This paper presents work on documenting text reuse of fragmentary authors and of extant works in the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus of Naucratis. By fragmentary we mean authors whose texts are lost and known through quotations and references by other authors. Our data model defines taxonomies of text reuse for representing references to authors and works as contextualized annotations, expressing their nature of reuse of textual evidence. Our data model documents uniquely instances of text reuse and it is developed on the Canonical Text Services (CTS), which is a protocol for identifying and retrieving passages of text based on concise, machine-actionable canonical citation. CTS is one component of a larger digital library architecture, developed for the Homer Multitext project and called CITE (Collections, Indices, Texts, and Extensions).

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