, Cicero digitalis Congress Proceedings

Foreword Introduction Mélanie Lucciano, ML 251-260 PDF (Français (France)) Papers The Ciceronian Book and its Influence: A Statistical Approach Justin Stover, JS 263-283 PDF What Would Cicero Write? Examining Critical Textual Decisions with a Language Model Todd G. Cook, TGC 285-296 PDF Cicero meets Euporia Amedeo A. Raschieri, AAR, Federico Boschetti, FB 297-309 PDF (Italiano) Towards a Critical Edition of Cicero’s De natura deorum A Proposal for Codification Using the EVT Visualisation Tool Eva Menga, EM 313-338 PDF (Italiano) Digitising Ciceronian Papyri: Methods and Resources Fernanda Maffei, FM 339-356 PDF (Italiano) Old Books, New Technologies The Renaissance Transmission and Reception of Cicero’s Letters as a Case in Point Marijke Crab, MC 357-373 PDF «Cicero goes further» Reflections on a New Digital Commentary on Cicero’s Pro Sexto Roscio Amerino Lidewij van Gils, LvG, Christoph Pieper, CP 377-389 PDF Conclusions Conclusion. The Digital Challenge: Complex, Demanding, Taxing Alice Borgna, AB 391-397 PDF (Italiano) Reviews Reviews Katarzyna Marciniak, KM, Stefano Rozzi, SR, Panagiotes Kontonasios, PK, Alessandro Mandrino, AM 399-424 PDF Bibliographical Bulletin Bibliographical Bulletin Stefano Rozzi, SR 425-428 PDF Indexes Abstracts -Key words Ermanno Malaspina, EM 429-439 PDF

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