, CWRC-Writer

Software for the creation of scholarly digital editions in TEI XML format. The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC) is developing an in-browser text markup editor (CWRCWriter) for use by collaborative scholarly editing projects. The development is being done by James Chartrand at Open Sky Solutions, under the direction of Susan Brown and Geoffrey Rockwell. CWRCWriter will have the following features: 1. Close-to-WYSIWYG editing and enrichment of scholarly texts with meaningful visual representations of markup 2. Ability to add Named Entity Annotations 3. Ability to combine TEI markup for the text and stand-off RDF annotations 4. Ability to export using “weavers” that recombine the plain text, the TEI, and the RDF into different forms (including a TEI-like embedded XML) 5. Documented code for editorial projects to be able to incorporate CWRCWriter into their projects.

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