Alastair Dunning, Crowdsourcing and Variant Digital Editions – some troubles ahead

Progetti come Early English Books Online (EEBO) e "Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) are now beginning to appear on many different digital platforms". Cioè: questi progetti (se non ho capito male) mettono online le immagini e il crowdsourcing su una o più piattaforme crea le trascrizioni. Quindi ci sono trascrizioni (=edizioni) diverse su diverse piattaforme. Quindi diverse edizioni onlie. Per EEBO ci sono ora (al momento in cui l'autore scrive) "four entry points into ECCO". L'autore chiede: " If there are multiple versions of the original content, then which one is the one you use? [...] Most importantly, which one do you trust? And why? [...] the knowledge and skills needed to critically analyse a resource are considerably widened out. [...] the notion of the Internet as a place where traditional scholarly practices can simply be repeated continues to disintegrate."

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