Claus Huitfeldt, C. Sperberg-McQueen, TexMECS. An experimental markup meta-language for complex documents

This document sketches the outlines of TexMECS,[1] a markup language (or, more precisely, a markup meta-language or family of markup languages) intended for experimental work in dealing with complex documents. TexMECS was developed at the Center for Humanities Information Technology at the University of Bergen as part of the project Markup Languages for Complex Documents, with support from the Lauritz Meltzer H√łyskolefond. Later work has been done under the aegis of the Research Group for Text Technology in the Department of Culture, Language and Information Technology (Aksis). This document assumes some familiarity with XML, SGML, and MECS encoding of documents, with the problems posed for these systems by complex documents, and with the Goddag structure proposed by the authors for representing document structures. Status: The grammar given in this document is intended to reflect the decision made in spring of 2002 to replace curly braces with angle brackets and vertical bars, but until it has been checked more carefully readers should be wary of typos. The grammar has not yet been proofread to make sure all non-terminals are defined, spelled correctly, etc. The examples are not yet complete and may still include relics of design alternatives recently rejected.

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