L. Jansen, The Roman Paratext: Frame, Texts, Readers

Il notiziario di antichistica del 10 maggio 2014 dà questa ToC: Introduction: approaches to Roman paratextuality Laura Jansen 1. Crossing the threshold: Genette, Catullus, and the psychodynamics of paratextuality Duncan F. Kennedy 2. Starting with the index in Pliny Roy Gibson 3. The topography of the law book: common structure and modes of reading Matthijs Wibier 4. Cicero's capita Shane Butler 5. Tarda solacia: liminal temporalities of Statius' prose prefaces Grant Parker 6. Inter-titles as deliberate misinformation in Ammianus Marcellinus Roger Rees 7. Paratextual perspectives upon the SC de Pisone Patre Alison Cooley 8. Paratext and intertext in the Propertian poetry book Donncha O'Rourke 9. Pictorial paratexts: floating figures in Roman wall painting Hérica Valladares 10. The paratext of Amores 1: gaming the system Ellen Oliensis 11. 'Sealing' the book: the sphragis as paratext Irene Peirano 12. Paraintertextuality: Spenser's classical paratexts in The Shepheardes Calender Bruce Gibson 13. Modern covers and paratextual strategy in Ovidian elegy Laura Jansen.

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