MarĂ¯a Mareca, Borja Bordel, The educative model is changing: toward a student participative learning framework 3.0 --- editing Wikipedia in the higher education

Nowadays, different technological solutions are already embedded into higher education: Web platforms, collaborative cloud environments, massive online courses, the flipped classroom, intelligence collective, etc. Besides, the current implementation of the European Higher Education Area has opened the doors to these new and revolutionary techniques and proposes a strategic action plan for 2019 derived from digital transformation, through the promotion of a collaborative European hackathon. Among these solutions, wikis are proved to match perfectly the requirements of the future learning framework 3.0 in which the student is the protagonist of his/her own education. Thus, many different universities around the world are nowadays supporting activities and events about the edition of wikis. In this work, we are interested in a special and universal wiki, Wikipedia. This encyclopedia is often used for student learning in high schools and university classrooms. However, today, there are few educational university projects dedicated to the editing of articles, and even fewer to the editing of scientific articles. There is no literature, to the knowledge of the authors that gathers both. Therefore, this work has a double objective, on the one hand, to highlight the international educational projects in which this great encyclopedia is edited and improved, especially by indicating the theme of the chosen edition, edition dates and achievements. On the other hand, once the action framework has been introduced, we show the specific educational project, which has been working with students from the first courses of the Universidad Polit{\'e}cnica de Madrid (UPM) since 2009 and promoted by one of the authors. Finally, and to go into more detail, the authors analyze a particular educational experience about the Wikipedia edition carried out at the UPM in 2017. The results show that editing Wikipedia produces a relevant improvement in the five proposed objectives.

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