Ashley Mehlenbacher, Nike Abbott, Randy Harris, Chrysanne DiMarco, David Cheriton, Toward an ontology of rhetorical figures

Our paper describes the Rhetorical Figure Ontology Project, a multidisciplinary research project that is presently working towards the development of a comprehensive database of rhetorical figures, an associated wiki, and, ultimately, an ontology of rhetorical figures. The database and wiki project provide the dataset and space for the conceptual development, respectively, to create an ontology. We define an ontology as a formalized taxonomy or system of classification of concepts and associated descriptions of said concepts. Here we provide an overview of the present state of the project and a discussion of the development of ontological descriptions of rhetorical figures. This work is a joint venture between Dr. Randy Allen Harris (English) and Dr. Chrysanne DiMarco (Computer Science, and English) at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

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