Paolo Monella, L'edizione critica digitale: la critica del testo nella storia della tradizione

The traditional output of philological work aiming at the constitutio textus is the print critical edition with apparatus footnotes showing select variant readings. The digital scholarly edition, instead, is not constrained by the space limits of the printed page, so it can encode and visualize synoptically many versions of a text, as found in different textual witnesses. This opportunity has often been exploited by New Philology editions, in which textual versions are juxtaposed without any attempt to reconstruct an "original" text. However, the digital critical edition can constitute a "third way" between constitutio textus and New Philology: the digital editor can provide different versions of a text from individual witnesses and add a further version, the editor's own textus constitutus, thus putting Giorgio Pasquali's "critica del testo" in the framework of the "storia della tradizione".

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