Paolo Monella, Fuori dalla Torre di Babele: interoperabilità e sistemi grafici pre-moderni

Out of the Babel Tower: interoperability and pre-modern writing systems. For digital philology based on pre-modern handwritten witnesses, interoperability and reuse of textual data and software is an open issue. This talk illustrates the ongoing work for the creation of a LOD ontology to formalize concepts such as glyph, allograph, grapheme (alphabetic grapheme, brevigraph, abbreviation mark, punctuation, logograph, ideogram), alphabeme, abbreviation, word, lemma. Since TEI aims to be theory-agnostic, it does not provide a shared model for those entities. As a consequence, each project produces transcriptional data following its own editorial conventions and, therefore, based on its own data model. The goal of the proposed LOD ontology is to facilitate both the exchange of textual data deriving from (hyper)diplomatic transcriptions and the development and reuse of modular open source software modules in the field.

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