Frederike Neuber, typoo: an ontology to describe microtypography

typoo is short for "TYPOgraphy as Ontology" and a model to describe microtypography, i.e. the design and usage of fonts in printed matter. typoo is formalized in the "Web Ontology Language" OWL and available in its serializations RDF/XML and Turtle. At the moment (April 2020), typoo consists of 53 classes, 18 object properties and one data property. The conceptions and definitions are a constant "work-in-progress" (please share your own ideas!). The focus of the typoo lies on material-visual aspects of typefaces from Western Europe from around 1900. The ontology was first developed and successfully implemented within the context of a digital scholarly edition (to be published, more info in https://github.com/FrederikeNeuber/stgd-prototype-edition) and is therefore primarily tailored to its needs. In this repository, however, the ontology is to be further generalized in order to make it more widely applicable and/or to allow a mapping to similar resources. Source: https://github.com/FrederikeNeuber/typoo

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