, Handbook of Digital Public History

This handbook provides a systematic overview of the present state of international research in digital public history. Individual studies by internationally renowned public historians, digital humanists, and digital historians elucidate central issues in the field and present a critical account of the major public history accomplishments, research activities, and practices with the public and of their digital context. The handbook applies an international and comparative approach, looks at the historical development of the field, focuses on technical background and the use of specific digital media and tools. Furthermore, the handbook analyzes connections with local communities and different publics worldwide when engaging in digital activities with the past, indicating directions for future research, and teaching activities. Fonte: https://www.degruyter.com/document/doi/10.1515/9783110430295/html Frontmatter Contents Introduction Serge Noiret, Mark Tebeau and Gerben Zaagsma Part 1: Historiography The Historiographical Foundations of Digital Public History Anaclet Pons 17 Crowdsourcing and User Generated Content: The Raison d’Être of Digital Public History Serge Noiret 35 Sharing Authority in Online Collaborative Public History Practices Serge Noiret 49 Shifting the Balance of Power: Oral History and Public History in the Digital Era Mary Larson 61 Digital Public Archaeology Chiara Bonacchi 77 Identities – a historical look at online memory and identity issues Sophie Gebeil 87 Digital Environmental Humanities Joshua MacFadyen 97 Combining Values of Museums and Digital Culture in Digital Public History Emily Esten 107 Open Access: an opportunity to redesign scholarly communication in history Pierre Mounier 121 Past and Present in Digital Public History Marcello Ravveduto 131 Digital Hermeneutics: The Reflexive Turn in Digital Public History? Andreas Fickers 139 Part 2: Contexts Archivists as Peers in Digital Public History Trevor Owens and Jesse A. Johnston 149 History Museums: Enhancing Audience Engagement through Digital Technologies William S. Walker 165 Interactive Museum \& Exhibitions in Digital Public History Projects and Practices: An Overview and the Unusual Case of M9 Museum Michelangela Di Giacomo and Livio Karrer 175 Digital Public History in Libraries Marii Väljataga 185 Publishing Public History in the Digital Age Rabea Rittgerodt 199 “Learning Public History by doing Public History” Mills Kelly 211 Spaces: What’s at Stake in Their Digital Public Histories? Kimberly Coulter, Wilko Graf von Hardenberg and Finn Arne Jørgensen 223 Digital Public History in the United States Thomas Cauvin 235 Technology and Historic Preservation: Documentation and Storytelling Priya Chhaya and Reina Murray 243 Social Media: Snapshots in Public History Florentina Armaselu 259 Part 3: Best Practices Curation: Toward a New Ethic of Digital Public History Mark Tebeau 277 Data Visualization for History Martin Grandjean 291 Mapping and Maps in Digital and Public History Fred Gibbs 301 Gaming and Digital Public History Nico Nolden and Eugen Pfister 309 Individuals in the Crowd: Privacy, Online Participatory Curation, and the Public Historian as Private Citizen Tammy S. Gordon 317 Building Communities, Reconciling Histories: Can We Make a More Honest History? Rebecca S Wingo and William G. Thomas 327 Cybermemorials: Remembrance and Places of Memory in the Digital Age Sandra Camarda 337 Living History: Performing the Past David Dean 349 Activist Digital Public History Lara Kelland 359 Digital Public History: Family History and Genealogy Jerome de Groot 369 Digital Personal Memories: The Archiving of the Self and Public History Valérie Schafer 377 Planning with the Public: How to Co-develop Digital Public History Projects? Pierluigi Feliciati 385 As Seen through Smartphones: An Evolution of Historic Information Embedment Brett Oppegaard 395 Part 4: Technology, Media, Data and Metadata What does it Meme? Public History in the Internet Memes Era Matteo Di Legge, Francesco Mantovani and Iara Meloni 405 Historical GIS Paolo Mogorovich and Enrica Salvatori 419 Content Management Gerben Zaagsma 431 Linked Open Data \& Metadata Carlo Meghini 439 Big Data and Public History Frédéric Clavert and Lars Wieneke 447 Modeling Data Complexity in Public History and Cultural Heritage Gioele Barabucci, Francesca Tomasi and Fabio Vitali 459 History and Video Games Yannick Rochat 475 Historians as Digital Storytellers: The Digital Shift in Narrative Practices for Public Historians Dominique Santana 485 The Audiovisual Dimension \& the Digital Turn in Public History Practices Enrica Salvatori 495 Digital Public History and Photography Raffaella Biscioni 505 Exploring Large-Scale Digital Archives – Opportunities and Limits to Use Unsupervised Machine Learning for the Extraction of Semantics Seth van Hooland and Mathias Coeckelbergs 517 Infographics and Public History Federica Signoriello 531 List of Contributors 545

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