Daniel O’Donnell, Gurpreet Singh, Dot Porter, Roberto RosselliDelTurco, Marco Callieri, Matteo Dellepiane, Roberto Scopigno, Publishing (and Forgetting) the Small or Medium-sized Scholarly Edition or Cultural Heritage Collection as Linked Open Data: Using Zenodo and Github to Publish the Visionary Cross Project

We discuss an approach to publishing heterogeneous file data and long-form humanities research as both linked open data and a (human readable) digital scholarly edition using Zenodo and Github. This approach is broadly generalisable and answers a number of long-standing issues surrounding the publication of data and results in DH: 1 It promotes the discovery and long-term survival of published data and results with no requirement for future maintenance; 2 It conforms to archival standards and principles; 3 It is fully available for future extension, addition, excerption, reuse, repurposing, or reanalysis by others without negotiation; 4 It ensures that data and contextual analysis are linked bi-directionally meaning that users are always able both to access the discrete data points from which a Humanities-focused analysis and commentary is build and understand each data point in the context of these larger synthetic research products.

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