Gunnar Olsson, EVERYTHING IS TRANSLATION (Including the Art of Making New Boots out of the Old Ones)

Presented here is a map that does not look like a map but as a sculpture, a glass tetrahedron sunk into a square slab of granite, three gold threads and a red ruby; nothing less than an attempt to capture what it means to be human. A creation epic of our own time, a pictured story of how the semiotic animal – a species blessed with the faculty of imagination –sacrifices an original difference by turning into a set of alternative identities. All told, the intricacies of power-and-knowledge captured by the interplay of the Peircean signs of symbol, icon and index, the paradigmatic lines of power (/, —, =) embracing each other in a perpetual ménage à trois. Everything cast onto the culturally prepared projection screens of religion (ideology), the arts and the sciences. Ethics and aesthetics two sides of the same coin, the tetrahedron the most beautiful of all geometric forms.

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