Stephen Ramsay, The Hot Thing

[This is a talk I gave at the Debates in the Digital Humanities Book Launch and Symposium hosted by DM@P at the University of Pittsburgh in April 2012. I was joined on the panel by Matt Gold (CUNY Graduate Center), Doug Armato (University of Minnesota Press), Liz Losh (UC San Diego), Jentery Sayers (University of Victoria), and Jamie “Skye” Bianco (Director of DM@P and the organizer for the event).] S. Ramsay. Source: http://lenz.unl.edu/papers/2012/04/09/hot-thing.html Talk di S. Ramsay sul libro "Debates in the Digital Humanities". Parla ancora di chi è davvero un DHer. Io lo trovo interessante perché sembra parlare della mia condizione biografica in questo 2012. Passaggi interessanti: "To be hot, some say, you must now learn statistics, document encoding, and C++. That should take you another ten years. And at the end of it, you’ll be suffering from the same anxieties as the blessed. But not to worry: you won’t have a job anyway, because you’re just too late." "The truth, is that I figured that since academia wasn’t going to work out, I might as well follow my bliss."

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