Leighton Reynolds, Nigel Wilson, Scribes and Scholars: A Guide to the Transmission of Greek and Latin Literature

cayless2010ktema, p. 142, mentions Scribes and Scholars (Oxford 1968 edition), p. 23, about variant versions of classical works, and mentions Ovid Amores (older 5 books version and newer, current, 3 books version, as mentioned in one of Ovid's 'epigrams'), and Galen, who, in K xix, 8-11, 'complains about spurious or inaccurate texts circulated under his name that he has frequently been asked to correct' (in Cayless' words). cayless2010ktema p. 145 n. 18 says:'Raynolds... pp. 30-31 describe the process of converting text on scrolls to codices in terms that will be familiar to anyone experienced in data migration'.

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