Irene Rossi, Annamaria DeSantis, Alessandra Avanzini, Encoding, Interoperability, Lexicography: Digital Epigraphy Through the Lens of DASI Experience

The paper describes the main challenges faced and the solutions adopted in the frame of the project DASI – Digital archive for the study of pre-Islamic Arabian inscriptions. In particular, it discusses the methodological and technological issues that emerged during the conversion from the CSAI – Corpus of South Arabian inscriptions project (a domain-specific, text-based, digital edition conceived at the end of 1990s) to the wider DASI archive for the study of inscriptions in different languages and scripts of ancient Arabia. The paper devotes special attention to: the modelling of data and encoding (XML annotation vs database approach; the conceptual model for the valorisation of the material aspect of the epigraph; the textual encoding for critical editions); interoperability (pros and cons of compliance to standards; harmonization of metadata; openness; semantic interoperability); lexicography (tools for underresourced languages; translations), with a view to possibly fostering reasoning on best practices in the community of digital epigraphers beyond each specific cultural/linguistic domain. Fonte: https://www.academia.edu/38489841/Encoding\_Interoperability\_Lexicography\_Digital\_Epigraphy\_Through\_the\_Lens\_of\_DASI\_Experience?email\_work\_card=title

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