, Proceedings of LT4HALA 2020-1st Workshop on Language Technologies for Historical and Ancient Languages

Comparison and evaluation of Latin lemmatization tools. These are only the papers of the "EvaLatin reports" section: “Overview of the EvaLatin 2020 Evaluation Campaign” - Rachele Sprugnoli, Marco Passarotti, Flavio Massimiliano Cecchini and Matteo Pellegrini “Data-driven Choices in Neural Part-of-Speech Tagging for Latin” - Geoff Bacon “JHUBC’s Submission to LT4HALA EvaLatin 2020” - Winston Wu and Garrett Nicolai “A Gradient Boosting-Seq2Seq System for Latin POS Tagging and Lemmatization” - Celano Giuseppe “UDPipe at EvaLatin 2020: Contextualized Embeddings and Treebank Embeddings” - Milan Straka and Jana Straková “Voting for POS tagging of Latin texts: Using the flair of FLAIR to better Ensemble Classifiers by Example of Latin” - Manuel Stoeckel, Alexander Henlein, Wahed Hemati and Alexander Mehler

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