H. Sumachaya, Introduction to The Indic Text Analysis Program: ITAP

This paper is an introduction of the so-called Indic Text Analysis Program (ITAP), a software system which is designed to facilitate the editorial tasks to produce a critical edition of the Pali canon. It has been developed by the Dhammachai Tipitaka Project (DTP), Thailand, since 2012. The main concept is to create a database to link a digital image of palm-leaf manuscripts and Pali readings on the basis of page-by-page or even word-by-word, then automatically collate readings from each manuscript, generate a synoptic table, and present all readings on a platform that is convenient for the researchers to edit a text. Finally, the ITAP will present the text edited by researchers online. In sum, the ITAP provides an effective and flexible feature which generates an accurate base text and manuscript readings to serve the work flows of the production of a critical edition of Pali canon with the ultimate goal to promote the academic studies and preserve valuable palm-leaf manuscripts.

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