Patrik Svensson, From Optical Fiber To Conceptual Cyberinfrastructure

There is currently an infrastructure turn with very real implications for the humanities and digital humanities. It comes not only with presumed technology or infrastructure, but also with certain assumptions, discursive patterns, and models. This paper analyzes these critically and advocates a humanities-based notion of cyberinfrastructure, not necessarily built on a science-and-engineering paradigm or exclusively grounded in existing humanities infrastructure. It is argued that we need to maintain a critical stance while simultaneously engaging in the exploration of research issues and technologies. There is often a gap between the material details of infrastructure and underlying, foundational ideas, and it is suggested that a model based on conceptual cyberinfrastructure and design parameters can be one way of connecting the ideational level with actual implementation. HUMlab at Umeå University serves as a case study. Source: http://digitalhumanities.org/dhq/vol/5/1/000090/000090.html (cioè si tratta dell'abstract premesso all'articolo stesso). Un riassunto più esteso dell'articolo è in http://blogs.ischool.utexas.edu/f2011dh/2011/11/28/towards-the-unknown-flanders-svensson-mcgann/

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