Jochen Tiepmar, Christoph Teichmann, Gerhard Heyer, Monica Berti, Gregory Crane, A New Implementation for Canonical Text Services

This paper introduces a new implemen-tation of the Canonical Text Services(CTS) protocol intended to be capa-ble of handling thousands of editions.CTS was introduced for the Digital Hu-manities and is based on a hierarchicalstructuring of texts down to the level of individual words mirroring traditionalpractices of citing. The paper givesan overview of CTS for those that areunfamiliar and establishes its place inthe Digital Humanities research. Someexisting CTS implementations are dis-cussed and it is explained why thereis a need for one that is able to scaleto much larger text collections. Eval-uations are given that can be used toillustrate the performance of the newimplementation.

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