12.05 noon

Support our troops. Bring them home!

American high schoolcollege bands use a lot of drums to fill in the gaps of music.

The Mike Handy Foundation for Veterans' truck says:

Freedom is not free
Mike Handy Foundation for Veterans And a guy carries a writing:
Hear the veterans' testimony before closing the Manhattan Veteran Hospital.
Manhattan Veteran Hospital Another:
Support the troops. Bring them home.
I agree.

A couple of Veterans from Jamaica, with broad curly hair, playing the bongo. Cool!

The cheerleaders of the high schools. Lisa Simpson comes up to my mind, together with all the other non-cheerleaders. Lisa Simpson

On another chariot, two women hold on and show two photos of soldiers. They wish the two men were here today at the parade. Hard, to hold the tears.

A scottish guy plays the celtic pipe. Two flags: the US and the british one. Scottish pipe

A bus with people, apparently too keak, or old, to walk. A black hand comes out, and greets.

A group of Vietnam veterans sings: "We don't want another war". To them, sure that I clap! Vietnam war

A very NY-thing: between a group and another, the cops stop the parade of the 5th avenue to let the cars of the transversal streets pass by.