02.20 pm

Ground Zero

Here I am. The place where 3000 people died all together. Where an airplane - a real aiplane - crashed towards a building, amidst the people walking around the street.
Indeed, they were two.
I did not think that I'd be impressed like this.
The place is huge, and not yet reconstructed.
The other skyscrapers still standing seem to sincredibly tall... and still, the twin towers were so much taller...!
Is seems impossible, standing here, seeing how large the place is, and how tall these two buildings were, that they could be destroyed in one day.

A crazy black man walks around, saying aloud something, and pointing to the place.
Whatever he says (I can't get it), he looks to me like an image of the poeple gone crazy that day for what happened.
And they were right... how could it happen?
How could this enormous thing be destroyed in just one day?