07.00 pm

Italy, american way

Well, as it seems, Little Italy is a kind of little enclave, surrounded by Chineses by every side all around.
I cannot really say that I understand the collocation of the two "towns", but one thing is sure: if a single street is Chinatown, it's not Little Italy, and all the way around.

Anyway, so far I met a "Most Precious Blood and S. Gennaro Church", and a bathroom (thanks God), which though costed like $3 to me, 'cause I had to buy a crappy fake-italian $3 ice-cream.

But in front of the "Blood" Church, there is a Holy Mother's statue, in the dark.
As I step towards it - wonder! The light lits on.
Miracle on the Damasco way? (My name helps me). Or italo-american energy (and money)-saving strategy?

Chinese market street

Then I spend like 5 min. walking through a colorful, loud, chinese market-street. And for 5 min. walking the only non-chinese there was me and another guy. And 70% of the stuff they sold, was something I had never seen before. Did'nt I say that I wanted to experience the real thing?