09.50 pm

Linux headaches

On the train to Princeton.
A couple ideas to fix my brand new, Linux and damm' slow, Linux operating system:

  1. Try Gentoo
  2. Try to access the IceWM, if it absorbes less memory and lets the apps run faster
  3. Try (an, if necessary, download) a command-line based windows manager, quick to browse, that shows a complete text-based view of folders (that's all I need)

In this hypothesis, I could call the applications just typing their name on the command line..
I could use this chance when I do not need to run "strange" programs, but just the usual two-three programs, that would anyway run with a "friendly" visual interfare: Konqueror, Kmail, Soffice... or eventually the pdf viewer. It shouldn't be hard, learning their names, to recall'em.

Hoping that ghis way they can run faster. But what, if the programs do not run with the graphical intreface, because the graphical interface itself ("x") is not activated?
Basically, I should try to be able not to have KDE running.
I think that the "x" server should run anyway.

Definitely, it would be a kind of annoying, installing from zero a previous version of Linux, which would probably make the machine run faster...
Moreover, should I install, in that scenario, all old versions of apps (like an old Open Office etc.)?
That sucks....