Graphemic table of signs (GToS)

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Legenda of column headings

The Unicode character used in the TEI XML source code to encode the grapheme
The standard alphabetic meaning, if any, of the grapheme. In other words, this is the alphabetic letter (alphabeme) that the grapheme ordinarily means, if the graphemes is of type "alphabetic". These Unicode characters will populate the Alphabetic Layer.
Grapheme visualization
The Unicode character used to visualize the grapheme in the HTML file. These Unicode characters will populate the Graphematic Layer.
Type of grapheme:
  • Alphabetic (a grapheme representing one or more alphabemes);
  • Space (space between graphic words is considered a grapheme too);
  • Punctuation;
  • Abbreviation mark (a mark that combines with an alphabetic grapheme – above or after it – to create an abbreviation);
  • Brevigraph (an individual grapheme that means more than one grapheme);
  • Logograph (an individual grapheme that means a whole word).
Image(s) of the glyph or (if more than one) of the allographs representing the grapheme. Hover on the image to see the image name (useful in case of two or more allographs).


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