12.00 noon

Veteran's day on the 5th Avenue

On the way to the Empire State Building I find myself on the 5th avenue, with the parade for the Veteran's day. Veteran's day parade part one

This parade has two faces: one, the beautiful majorettes and the music bands with the colorful uniforms.
Two, the veterans. Veteran's day parade - part two Without uniforms, with black flags, almost all belonging to the minorities.
Some of the watchers clap at their passage.
I don't know if I should, or not.

Never again will a generation of veterans abandon another

Says a motto on a van.
A jeep carries a cage, vietnam-like, with an uniform inside. Vietnam cage And these men, mostly in black coats, keep on walking by. Many are on a wheelchair.
I would like to clap. At them, at least.
If they're here today, it's because they hope that what they did was right, and what they've lost has a sense. That lies in these claps.