The Photoalbum of good old Paolo in America!

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24 hours to get from one side of the world, to the other.

Home sweet home #1

First approach with the house of anyone's dreams: stinking, void, without bide'. But with a couple creative americans inside.
Please note that the bed is still without sheets and blanket - and so it was for about five days...: surviving L. A.

Campus #1

First touch with the UCLA campus: american football, fraternities (Theta chi, Sigma alpha epsilon...), and other stuff directly out of the movies!

Saturday night fever

Suburban atmospheres from my very first saturday night in L. A. The stop in red, in the bus-photo, is called 'Carmelina'

Home sweet home #2

A brighter view of the house of everybadies' dreams. The sheets are there, but yet no blanket (for that I waited something like two weeks).
And take a minute to look at the canned american so-called 'food', in the kitchen! Once again, surviving USA!

Campus #2

The UCLA campus: better photos...
The paper sheets are the schedule of the Classics Department for Fall 2004. In the second page (100_3791), "Lat1 3A and 3B", there is a funny surname, in the teacher's place: suprise-surprise!
In the following table (100_3795), you can consult (on the left) the office hours of dr. Monella!

Department party

L. A. classicists gone wild. And four photos (from 100_3987 on) about L. A. archeologists gone wild, the day after the department party.

Walking around the city, a saturday afternoon

How L. A. looks like, saturday afternoon.

The same walk, entering the campus

... to do some work.

My birthday on the devil's night

How an anticipated Halloween party happened to turn into my anticipated birthday celebration.

If it wasn't clear enough: Evening of saturday October 30th (L. A. time), the evening before Halloween. An 'anticipated' Halloween party (better going to bed late on saturday than on sunday). Going there I also celebrated my 27th birthday, because of the fact the evening of 30th, L. A. time, is already the day of 31st (my birthday), Italy time.

Good old Paolo in the New York

"I want to be a part of it, New York, New York!"

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